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About the library

The library is at the academic heart of the Institute. It is located on the ground floor of the LYIT to the left of the main entrance door. All registered students have full access to the library and services provided until September 14th of the following year. The library endeavours to support the educational and research needs of staff and students. Students are requested to prepare to finish their studies 10 minutes before closing time. Please respect the rights of other students to a quiet area in which to study and please remain silent until you have vacated the library.


The Library Research Bulletin provides LYIT students with information on how using the library resources and facilities can help you during your studies in the Institute. The Library Research Bulletin may be accessed here.

Library Induction

Notes can be downloaded here


Failure is a normal part of life that we have all experienced. When we fail at something, some of us react by seeing it as a temporary setback and try again, while others perceive failure as a terrible thing with no hope of improvement. If we understand the psychological reasons why we are primed to react to failing at something, we can use this knowledge to help us to see failure as a necessary stepping stone along the path to success.

Mindsets: How we react to failure Click here for more information

Failure: How our response to failure can be the secret to success Click here for more information

Overdue books Click here for more information

An Ghaeilge

Tá na seirbhísí seo a leanas ar fáil go dátheangach:
» Tá ball den fhoireann ar fáil chun seirbhís duine-le-duine a chur ar fáil trí Ghaeilge ag deasc eolais na leabharlainne gach maidin Dé Máirt agus maidin Déardaoin.
» Feidhmíonn an leabharlann mar stór d’acmhainní foghlama na Gaeilge.
vDéantar fógraí go léir na leabharlainne a fhoilsiú i nGaeilge agus i mBéarla.
» Tá na foirmeacha leabharlainne ar fáil i nGaeilge agus i mBéarla.
» Cuirtear turas thart ar an leabharlann ar fáil gach bliain trí mheán na Gaeilge.

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